About the Program

The goal of the guide and the corresponding website is to provide curricular resources that allow you to connect your course objectives and syllabi with the UniDIversity program. We hope that the guide will support your efforts to enhance your classes, enrich students’ exposure to multicultural, international events and issues, facilitate interdisciplinary thinking and scholarship, and provide deepened engagement with contemporary and historical hemispheric issues. 
The guide provides a calendar of events, information about guest speakers and artists, suggested readings and web links for individual and classroom use. A PDF copy of the curriculum guide will be available on the CAWC website.

UniDIversity Learning Outcomes


Students will be able:

  • to recognize the diversity of ethnic background, languages, cuisine, arts and other cultural traditions and expressions among Latino, Latin American and Caribbean communities

  • to identify different values of Latino, Latin American and Caribbean cultural heritage

  • to analyze the contributions (social and economic) of the Hispanic/Latino population, as the fastest growing ethnic group in the United States

  • to assess the impacts/effects of Latino, Latin American and Caribbean diasporas in the United States

  • to raise students’ and public awareness and appreciation of Latino, Latin American and Caribbean people and culture(s)


  • to develop leadership skills engaging in the organization, implementation and assessment of some of the events

  • to strength their cross-cultural competencies

  • to go out of their comfort zones to enhance their understandings of the Hispanic and Latino culture, so they may participate in opportunities to be engaged in research, service learning and civic engagement experiences

  • to promote better understandings of the importance of diversity and inclusion in our community.

 2014-2015 Committee Members

Mary Jane Berman, chair, Center for American and World Cultures
Geraldo Brown Manrique, Latin American, Latino/a, and Caribbean Studies Program
Thomas George Caracas Garcia, Department of Music
Yvania Garcia, Office of Diversity Affairs
Jacqueline Rioja Velarde, Center for American and World Culture


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