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Under the Artistic Direction and leadership of its founder, Mr. Srinivas Krishnan (an alumnus of Miami University), Global Rhythms was conceived in 1996 and launched in 1997 with the support of Bob Schietroma, Gene Willeke, and Pamela Fox. The first event was held under the auspices of the Institute of Environmental Sciences in Fall 1997 at Miami Univeristy. Global Rhythms has evolved from strong roots in India and her music, her musicians, her composers, and her people, all of which have enabled the ensemble to forget its inclusive and international identity.

As a model of collective music-making and collaboration, Global Rhythms has developed a unique identity that is larger than any one person. the original contributors of compositions were Poovalur Srinivasan, Uma Jaishankar, Laitha Seshadri, Kalidakuruchi Mahadev Bhagavatar, and Thylambai Krishnan. Srinivas' mission has been to build trust with every guest artist (several Grammy-winning guests) and connect them to the lives of students and faculty at Miami University and other American academic institutions.

The musical creations of Global Rhythms are thus rooted in a community of performing artists and composers from across the world, particularly A.R. Rahman, who have donated their valuable efforts to keep the spirirt of such harmonious bonds alive. through such cooperation, Srinivas has inexorably built Global Rhythms's extensive world music repertoire over the years. Beyond the creative realm, Global Rhythms has also been kindly generously supported in many practical ways by individuals particularly two-time Academy Award winning composer AR Rahman, Bhairavi Jani, Raghu Hudli, Sathish Pathakota, Dr. Amar Desai and Mrs. Paulomi Desai, Ms. Parul Houlahan, Mr. R. Rajagopal, the Krishan and Vicky Joshi Foundation, and Mr. and Mrs. Mahendra Patel. Thanks to their backing, Miami University can keep such a project afloat and provide opportunities annually for several hundred Miami students and faculty, as well as participants from other academic programs around the US.

Srinivas Krishnan serves as Artist in Residence at the Center for American and World Cultures, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, and is also a visiting faculty for several other institutions.

Please contact Srinivas Krishnan for further information on Global Rhythms.

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     A.R. Rahman's visit to Miami University for the 2012 Commencement
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